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AT and IN?

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I totally get you when you say “I get these prepositions mixed up!” 🙂 I also think it can get confusing. Türk dilinde olmayan kelimeler olduğu için Prepositions zor geliyor, ve bunların özel bir kuralı yok. O yüzden ara sıra bir kaç tanesini seçip ip uçlar vererek bunları anlatmak istiyorum. There are so many ways we use these two but I want to show you one trick.

AT and IN. Now there is a small trick to remembering these two.

How do we use AT and IN for PLACE?

Use AT with the larger building/place then IN with smaller/specific place. Büyükten (AT) küçüğe (IN) kullanın 🙂 Like this…


I am AT school IN the science lab.

I am AT work IN a meeting.

I am AT home IN the kitchen.

I am AT the shopping centre IN the jeans store.

He is AT the hospital IN surgery.

He is AT the stadium IN the changing rooms.

Şimdi siz birkaç cümle yazın…

Have a great week!

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