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What is ESE?

Ella’s Style English is a creative method of learning to Speak English. Founded by Ella, a designer and a creative educator. Ella’s Style English focuses on the WAY OF LEARNING rather than the rules for learning. Ella says: “LEARN CREATIVELY, SPEAK FLUENTLY!”  

Ella’s Style English is based on three fundamental methods:  OTENWY, Storytelling and Mapping.  All three feed on Creative Thinking. To learn to speak we must first work on the way of thinking. With OTENWY we learn the Art of Questioning and sentence structure. Storytelling is the simplest way of engaging the learner through imagination and connecting words, phrases and expressions in a natural way. Mapping is a visual way of connecting and collecting the words. 


The content of Ella’s Style English AUDIO AND VIDEO STORIES have been creatively written and recorded for you!

  1. You will listen and watch recordings from daily life, work, family, on the road experiences so you will be engaged in the process of  learning. 
  2. Ella knows the Phrases that are difficult for you, that’s why she used them in the stories for you to understand clearly.
  3. The stories are short, funny and made with a lots of fun to motivate you! 🙂    


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